Why Partner with a Medical Design & Manufacturing Services Company?

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In today’s climate of tough global competition, increasing cost pressures from insurance companies and legislators, and growing demand from emerging regions, device makers have many reasons to consider outsourcing. This is the first in a series of blog posts that will discuss how design & manufacturing services companies can help a medical device company stay ahead of the healthcare industry’s competitive curve and thrive in a continuously evolving global market. Medical device developers are always looking for the best way to get new products to market, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. A design & manufacturing services partner facilitates device companies to achieve all of these goals and more by helping them meet stringent quality and regulatory requirements and successfully undertake highly complex, diverse and demanding projects.

Today’s most well-resourced manufacturing partners offer a broad range of services, facilities and expertise. Additionally, they provide a global reach which means they are familiar with regulations, business cultures and supply networks in the fastest growing medical markets all over the world. Partnering can significantly reduce the time and costs to produce a new device and can allow Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to concentrate on the next big breakthrough.

This series will highlight how a manufacturing partner can help you achieve:

Faster Time-to-Market

Instant Expertise

Design & Manufacturability Optimization

Regulatory Compliance

Stronger Focus on Your Core Business


Alan Myers

Alan Myers, vice president, Jabil Healthcare & Life Sciences suggests, “Several trends in the healthcare industry are making outsourcing of medical device projects to manufacturing partners more attractive than ever. The ability to be a safe pair of hands and a trusted partner when a customer contemplates potential engagement with a regulatory agency such as ANVISA, FDA, or in a customer audit is essential. In this industry, particularly given the stakes and the importance of doing it well, it’s really important that this industry validate that we are a great alternative to our customers doing this in their internal operations.”

Here are some tips on what you should look for in a medical device partner. Ideally, your manufacturing partner should demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of the medical industry, regulatory requirements and experience in the manufacture of medical devices
  • A wide range of capabilities including design and engineering expertise and aftermarket services
  • A global scope/footprint and local company-owned facilities in key markets
  • Financial stability
  • A proven record in quality and regulatory compliance
  • The ability to handle high-mix, low-volume manufacturing
  • Certification in key standards, such as ISO 13485
  • Food and Drug Administration registered manufacturing sites or the ability to register sites
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • A demonstrable record of innovation

Please check back soon as we further explore the ways a medical device manufacturing partner can help your company capitalize on these and other growing opportunities in the healthcare market.

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