Building Confidence Through Non-Traditional Investments

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On June 18, 2014, Jabil held it’s third quarter fiscal year 2014 earning announcement call. In spite of market headwinds, Jabil’s investment in non-traditional EMS markets is starting to build steam. Continue Reading →

In Spite of Headwinds, Jabil Confidently Invests for the Future

Fy 14 Q2 Earnings


On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, Jabil’s CEO Mark Mondello, talked candidly about the events impacting Jabil over the past quarter. The temporary shift in demand within the Diversified Manufacturing Services business, the pending sale of Jabil’s Aftermarket Services operations, and Jabil’s disengagement with BlackBerry all contributed to a mixed bag of earnings newsContinue Reading →

Thinking Big About Miniaturization in Advanced Manufacturing

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In 2012, IBM created the world’s smallest movie, literally manipulating individual atoms to create a short animation. But IBM isn’t getting into the movie business – it is using animation to illustrate the control its scientists have gained over atoms. The real news is that IBM researchers can store a single bit of data on just twelve atoms where current computers require one million atoms to store that same bit of data. Continue Reading →

Is Your Office Lean?

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A Lean process is defined as one that uses only minimum resources to add value to a service or product. Applied in a transactional environment, or an environment outside of the manufacturing floor, Lean helps organizations eliminate waste and focus on understanding “value” from the standpoint of the customer. Continue Reading →

Will Virtual Devices Help Us Rethink Business?

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The sound of people typing away on laptops and keyboards, tapping the familiar, mechanical buttons fills offices around the world with a cacophony of click-click-clicks. The clock ticks rhythmically; accountants bang away on calculators; phones ring constantly. But offices just might get much quieter as virtual keyboard, clock, phone and calculator counterparts improve mobility, portability, reliability and even functionality. Just look at your smartphone — it has already combined these (and more) once separate physical devices. The trend is growing and it just might change the way we currently do business. Continue Reading →

Jabil Posts Strong Cash Flow from Operations

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In what remains a challenging demand environment, Jabil’s CEO, Mark T. Mondello, remains focused on diversifying the company to deliver continued long-term growth for 2014 and beyond. “We are pleased with our progress on the diversification of our business and the positive benefits it affords the company,” said Mark. Continue Reading →

Automation in April

Quality. Speed. Repetition. Robots are much better at some things than humans. And as customers demand increasingly smaller and more advanced technology at higher volumes, robots deliver, freeing workers to perform more interesting and less dangerous tasks. That’s why, for the entire month of April, Jabil’s Aim Higher blog will share daily features about robots and industrial automation. We’ll share videos, motion graphics, infographics, stories and photos. Don’t miss an article – subscribe to receive weekly updates directly to your inbox.


Jabil Pleased With Second Quarter FY13 Results in Challenging Macro Environment

Despite facing considerable headwinds and a slowly recovering economy, Jabil’s CEO, Mark Mondello, is pleased with Jabil’s second quarter performance as he continues to expect solid long-term growth and significant market opportunities.

Revenue for the FY13 second quarter was $4.4 million, up 4.3 percent from revenue of $4.2 million in the FY12 second quarter. Additionally, Jabil achieved the mid-range of revenue guidance of $4.4 billion while posting $170 million of core operating income.

Jabil’s Enterprise and Infrastructure business grew 12 percent from a year ago and has continued to improve operating margins, with a 100 basis point increase on core operating margins year-on-year and 30 basis points sequentially. Continue Reading →