What’s Next for the Internet?


The rise of tiny but sophisticated sensors combined with miniaturized wireless communications modules means that almost everything in the landscape (and even things worn on our body) can or will communicate with other devices. As a result, everything will become smarter. Continue Reading →

The Rise of the Internet of Things – Infographic

How many “things,” including your body, can you communicate with through a device? And will a smartwatch become more like a wearable woven into your garments, contact lenses or implanted into your body?

Whatever the eventual device, it is manufacturers that play a lead role in translating technologies into new products for tomorrow.


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Technology is the New Black

Tech and Fashion - shoes

The lights dim at Lincoln Center, the crowd falls to a hush, eagerly awaiting Diane von Furstenber’s Fashion Week runway show. As the first model struts down the runway wearing “Google Glass,” the crowd begins to buzz. This is an event that people will talk about for years. Continue Reading →

Sports and The Internet of Things are Game Changers. Literally.

IoT basketball app Source: (94Fifty screen capture of video)

Sports define countries, cities, cultures and life all around the world. It’s also a major economic engine which drives individual athletes and team sports to constantly look for a competitive advantage. New Internet-connected sensor technologies that provide real-time training data has led to a shift in sports data analysis and feedback. Continue Reading →

Nurture Open Standards to Grow the Internet of Things

Internet of Things DiagramPhoto: Waag Society

Incredibly, billions of devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, linking everything from cars and hobby drones to refrigerators and smart glasses together. The estimated potential global market for the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020 varies wildly, but some estimates put it at a whopping $7 trillion. Continue Reading →

Manufacturing is the Next Technology


Photo: Cory M. Grenier

What does a soldier’s combat outfit have in common with a medical device? Or a smartphone with a car dashboard? With all of these technologies, the link is in the technology itself. Manufacturers that provide design guidance for current and future devices know better than anyone else on the planet how to translate technology into products. Continue Reading →

World Cup Tech Wrap-Up – Infographic

WC With 4D cameras that detected goals more accurately than the human eye to facial recognition smart glasses worn by security forces, the World Cup of 2014 will go down in history as the most high-tech sporting event ever. And while these technologies may seem completely unrelated, they have a common thread. They find their way to global markets because of manufacturing. Continue Reading →

What it Takes to Move Advanced Manufacturing Forward

Ideas_ByAndres NietoPorras

Photo: Andrés Nieto Porras

Everything in the built environment, including the device through which you are consuming this article right now, has passed through a complex design, manufacturing and distribution process. And all along the way, numerous experts with deep experience oversee a dizzying array of technologies and processes to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Continue Reading →