Taking Design Inspiration From Fast Cars & Fighter Jets: 3D Tech Shapes Sochi

Luge DoublesPhoto: US Army

Blistering speeds, incredible G-forces and intense training often describe car racing and fighter jet missions. They also describe some of the world’s most daring winter sports – except instead of asphalt or the troposphere, Sochi Olympic competitors battle on ice and snow. Continue Reading →

Building Talent for Future Lean Success

Lean at Jabil

University of South Florida Executive MBA students visit Jabil Shanghai to learn about Lean principles and practical applications.

Is Lean still important? Simply put, yes! The principles of Lean are every bit as important today as when they were first standardized.  Customers still expect continuous improvement and Lean organizations are adept at providing value-add process improvements to the customer.  In addition, when an organization is truly Lean, it’s more flexible to handle the changing macroeconomic conditions of the global marketplace. Continue Reading →

Jabil Deliver Best Practices Winners Connect People, Ideas and the World

Deliver Best Practices winners Edward Liu, Tang Huan, Rachael Chan, Seamus Keith with Jabil executive judges.

Twelve passionate competitors. Four lucky winners. After flying thousands of miles across the globe for the first time and then preparing to deliver a presentation in English, which is not the native language for many of the competitors, finalists energetically defended their projects to the executive judge panel. But the competitors were more than prepared for the challenge. In fact, they thrived under the pressure. Continue Reading →

Fierce Competition Heats-up for Top Deliver Best Practices Prize

Jabil Deliver Best Practices finalists with board of directors2013 Deliver Best Practices finalists with Jabil Board of Directors and executives

Every year in October, Jabil employees from around the world fly into St. Petersburg for an intense week of competition. This year’s Deliver Best Practices competition hosts over 32 teams representing 315 team members from 22 Jabil sites and 11 different countries. With prizes for the best projects in Operational Excellence, Human Development, Social & Environmental Responsibility, and Customer Satisfaction on the line, team representatives jammed their schedules with speech coaching sessions, Lean panel discussions and networking dinners with Jabil’s executives and the Board of Directors. Continue Reading →

Thinking Strategically About Lean Six Sigma

Lean Panel congratulates Wuxi

When a manufacturing operation scales globally, even the smallest procedural improvements can dramatically streamline processes, reduce costs and improve quality. And when the entire organization adopts a Lean thinking culture, customers benefit from an engaged workforce that continuously improves operations. As part of this cultural philosophy, both Lean and Six Sigma techniques can be applied in concert to reduce costs and streamline processes while helping to solve complex problems. Continue Reading →

Jabil’s 2013 Global Deliver Best Practices Competitors Have Arrived

Welcome DBP Finalists

Rooted in ensuring a Lean culture throughout the company, the annual Deliver Best Practices Competition brings winning Jabil teams from around the world to compete at Jabil’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s an intense week of fun and competition. But mostly, it reflects an authentic Lean culture, laser-focused on absolutely delivering the most value to the customer every single day, everywhere in the world. Continue Reading →

How Global Manufacturing Service Providers Can Help Defense Contractors Enter Foreign Markets: India

Indian Military

Photo: Indian Military courtesy of kvn.jns, Creative Commons Licensed

Part 3 of a 5-part series

By Scott Gebicke, President, Jabil Defense and Aerospace Service

The first blog in this series introduced the defense market opportunities and challenges within foreign markets, which could compensate for the shrinking U.S. defense market. The second in the series detailed the defense market in Brazil. Today, we’ll look at defense market opportunities and challenges in India, another market with huge potential for U.S. defense companies. Continue Reading →

Mobile Network Communicator: Existing or Custom Device?

Part 4 of 6-part series “Interfacing medical devices to the mobile network.”

Our previous post in this series introduced elements of the solution to interfacing medical devices to the mobile network – the device/communicator. It addressed challenges associated with using existing consumer devices such as smart phones as part of a Class II or Class III medical device solution. The fundamental issue is – and always will be – focused on the intended use and labeling of the device. What function does the existing mobile device perform as part of the medical system? Is it in the critical path? If the mobile function went away, would the device still operate to its intended use? Is the device actually diagnosing, providing warnings or alerts, or even taking action on treatments? Continue Reading →