Tim Main and Mark Mondello

Tim Main and Mark Mondello Focus on Culture as CEO Baton is Passed

After 25 years with Jabil – and 12 years as President and Chief Executive Officer – Tim Main will step down on March 1, 2013. Mark Mondello, Jabil’s Chief Operating Officer will succeed Tim.  In an email to Jabil employees, Tim celebrated Jabil’s past successes and made it clear that his confidence in Jabil’s future is steeped in the unique culture of the company.

Tim credits Bill Morean, the son of one of the company’s founders, for laying the groundwork for the culture. “The entrepreneurial decisions, tireless work ethic and the formation of the company culture in those early years laid the foundation that we have built upon…Bill gave us a shot to do our thing, to make a difference, to achieve, to stumble without fear, to get up and fight again, to win.”

Main exemplifies this spirit of empowerment: “My biggest wins have come from taking a chance on someone, and then getting out of their way!”  Starting his Jabil career as a Production Control Manager in 1987, he took the helm as CEO in 2000 and charted a course for tremendous growth. Under Tim’s leadership, Jabil went from operating plants in five locations with a three thousand employees to plant locations in more than 60 locations spanning the globe, employing more than 140,000 people.

Deeply committed to continuing Jabil’s empowering environment, Mark said, “We have plenty of challenges, but we have the best people, the greatest culture, an outstanding customer portfolio, awesome capabilities, lots of creative ideas, and a tremendous number of future opportunities.”

As Tim prepares for his transition to Jabil’s Chairman of the Board, he is as confident as ever in Jabil’s future and about Mark’s leadership of the company: “A big reward for me is to know that the Jabil of today is still growing on people, just like it did on me, in so many parts of the world. I know that Mark and his team will keep this spirit alive and take the company to new levels of success.”