Deliver Best Practices Social and Environmental Responsibility

Jabil Employees Lead in Social and Environmental Responsibility

In the fourth and final topic in our Deliver Best Practices series, we cover social and environmental responsibility initiatives.

Jabil values its global communities, diligently reducing environmental impact across the world and rising to today’s global environmental and social challenges. Our Deliver Best Practices competition is a showcase for this commitment from Jabil employees.

A team of employees at Jabil Tiszaújváros developed the Equality and Diversity for People with Physical Challenges program to recruit talented individuals with disabilities and cancer survivors. The team installed wheelchair ramps, ergonomic workstations, hired sign language translators and created training courses. Their efforts increased Jabil Tiszaújváros’ disabled workforce by 90 percent and earned government recognition from Equality and Diversity TOP 10, Good CSR and Best Practices in the Employment of People with Physical Challenges awards.

Employees at the Reynosa, Mexico site decided to begin a donation campaign to benefit 15 local schools by improving water quality, refurbishing classrooms and rebuilding cafeterias. The team raised roughly $46,220 USD in donations and gained recognition from the International Rotary Club by receiving the “Paul Harris Award.”

At the Wuxi site, employees developed a process that reduced carbon emissions by approximately 56 percent and conserved water consumption by nearly 150 percent.

By reducing waste and improving global communities, Jabil remains committed to social and environmental responsibility.

To quote Jabil’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Mondello, “Jabil has a history of supporting the communities in which we’re based and our employees are heavily involved with both social and environmental initiatives.  This is very important, because we’re continually working to improve in everything we do.”