Deliver Best Practices

Jabil’s Secret Weapon: Innovation

Over the next few months, we’ll explore Jabil’s commitment to identifying and proliferating best practices across the world.

The accelerated rate of change in today’s competitive environment requires companies in all industries to perfect the art of navigating change. In the EMS industry, manufacturers must innovate solutions for customers in order to move products from concept to market to profitability.

In order to meet this constant innovation demand, Jabil has created a global approach to identifying and proliferating process improvements, a competition called Deliver Best Practices. Each year the company organizes a worldwide competition to recognize, support and promote process advancements for the most innovative ideas in four categories: Customer Satisfaction, Employee Development, Operational Excellence and Social and Environmental Responsibility.

As a result, Jabil employees use a continuous improvement framework to improve key functions throughout the company with exponential results for Jabil, employees, customers, and the communities where the company operates.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of every Jabil business activity.  Engaged teams deliver best practices and strategies for transparent decision-making that exceed customer requirements.  Whether it is streamlining financial processes, maximizing resources for leaner operations or by fostering supplier relationships, Deliver Best Practices customer satisfaction teams consistently create value-added solutions for customers.

Employee Development

Developing people is a keystone of Jabil’s entrepreneurial culture. Jabil engages its workforce through mentor programs, employee skill matrixes and supporting self-directed work team models.  Jabil also invests in programs that attract some of the top talent in the industry through outreach programs. Jabil Shanghai, for instance, partnered with local universities to identify high performing scholars and government groups to hire professionals with disabilities.

Operational Excellence

Jabil employees use Lean processes to identify and eliminate waste, increase velocity and reduce complexity. Rick Rollinson, Senior Vice President of Aftermarket Services Operations describes the impact that lean Deliver Best Practices projects have on the organization, “Lean is becoming ingrained in our culture and our sites are anxious to show off their progress. This is terrific for our company and shareholders.”

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Because Jabil believes social and environmental responsibility is good for business, the company focuses on impactful environmental sustainability improvements in operations and throughout its global communities. For example, at Jabil’s Reynosa facility, the Aftermarket Services team partnered with the local community and service organizations to provide scholarships to two local schools for handicapped children. The scholarship program provides children with medical equipment, occupational training and therapy for five years, greatly easing the recipients’ financial burdens.

About the Jabil Deliver Best Practices Competition

Jabil’s Deliver Best Practices Competition sets the stage for employees from over 60 plants around the world to demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement and Lean. Employee teams submit projects that demonstrate considerable savings, process improvement and the ability to proliferate the practice. The contest rewards the most innovative and impactful projects with a trip to the Jabil corporate office and the opportunity to present their projects to Jabil executives & the Jabil Board of Directors.

The Deliver Best Practices competition is more than just a gathering of intelligent individuals presenting creative projects – it’s Jabil innovating for continuous improvement.