Masaaki Imai at the China Kaizen Expo

Jabil Wins Lean Award at China Kaizen Expo

Jabil was one of 70 companies who recently participated in the China Kaizen Expo held May 22-23, 2012 in Shanghai. Masaaki Imai’s Kaizen Institute Consulting Group (KICG) and 1MFG — two influential institutes involved with continuous improvement within the manufacturing industry – sponsored the event. Over 200 projects were entered in the competition, 80 of which made it to the final round. In the end, a project submitted from the Jabil Wuxi facility won third place in the expo.

Jabil Wuxi’s Culture of Continuous Improvement

The winning Jabil Wuxi project focuses on production optimization for one of Jabil’s customers. When asked about how Jabil Wuxi differentiates itself from competitors, Mark Zhang, Continuous Improvement Manager, replied:

“The biggest difference for Jabil is our continuous improvement culture. Wuxi deploys kaizen activity through VSM (value stream mapping), and has real kaizen focus on customer demand and waste identification.”

Sharing Kaizen Ideas

The China Kaizen Expo was not just a competition; other valuable events took place at this forum as well. Masaaki Imai, sometimes referred to as the “Lean Guru,” honored participants by delivering presentations and kaizen training during the two-day event. In addition, representatives from several global companies, including Jabil, Toyota, Lenovo, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen shared their lean projects with each other. With so many innovative Lean participants sharing best practices, the Kaizen Expo was more than a competition—it energized a global community united around continuous improvement.

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