Jabil Huangpu award

Jabil Awarded Prestigious Labor Bureau Award in Guangzhou City, China

Jabil recently won the prestigious 2010-2011 Annual Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations of Guangzhou City (AAA level) award, held by Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Guangzhou Business Association, and the Guangzhou Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Guangzhou City, China. The “AAA” award is the highest award that the Guangzhou City labor bureau grants to companies for outstanding HR management performance.

The award was granted by Wan Qingliang, Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Chen Jianhua, Major of Guangzhou City. The award marks significant recognition from the local government.

The application process took more than six months, starting in October of 2011. Three hundred Jabil employees were randomly selected to provide feedback on a comprehensive list of standards, including medical care and incentive programs.

“The government recognizes Jabil’s People-oriented Culture and the results of our employees!” – Cindy Xian, Jabil Huangpu Human Resources Manager Jabil’s Huangpu Operations Manager, Waichong Sheetoh, is proud of Jabil Huangpu’s initiatives.

“Jabil Huangpu embraces a people-oriented style with heart and sincerity. As managers, we have the power to make change. With power comes responsibility for our people. When we see the happiness in our people and their outstanding business and operations performance, this is what motivates us.”

Jabil Huangpu focuses on employees and local community engagement, making Jabil a great place to work. In addition to tasty food in the cafeteria and award winning dormitories, Jabil Huangpu set up an after-work sports club, arts, cultural and personal improvement activities. Jabil’s Employee Development International Institute (JEDII) provides opportunities for employees to advance their skills and their careers. Community engagement programs feature visits to nursing homes and orphanages.

When asked what differentiates Jabil Huangpu from its competitors, Waichong Sheetoh easily replies:

“Huangpu manages our business operation with sincerity to care for the people–we have heart!”