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Why OEMs Should Select Technology–Driven EMS Partners

Wearable computing, evolving artificial intelligence, wireless network advancements, and mind-control video gaming are just some of the future technologies poised for the mainstream market over the next several years. These technologies will change the way people think, communicate and work.  Emerging technologies like nanomaterial, flexible electronics, lasers and SMART materials might disrupt entire industries. Is your current EMS partner technology-driven enough to position your company for this future? Is research and development, design engineering, and materials technology services in your manufacturer’s DNA?

More Than a Manufacturer, a Technology Partner

As disruptive technologies emerge, EMS technology expertise becomes an important limiting factor in moving a product from concept to market to profitability. The new breed of EMS companies invests in research and development (R&D) that provides customers like Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) what they need when they need it.

For example, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licenses new communication frequencies specifically for nationwide wireless broadband access. The problem is that this new frequency cannot be used in current devices, meaning that new technology (antennae) needs to be developed to work with this new frequency. Technology-driven EMS providers anticipate the breadth of applications that will operate on this new frequency band. Everything from mobile devices to smart appliances and automobiles will use this spectrum, transforming how we consume and share information. A technology-driven EMS partner has forecasted a few years into the future and is already developing new wireless product roadmaps its customers might need.

Impact of Technology-Driven EMS providers

Imagine extending your company’s competencies outside your core business without hiring a single employee. Sometimes, OEM companies misjudge technology roadmaps and find the world has changed in ways they haven’t anticipated. A technology-driven EMS partner with diverse capabilities likely already has a technology roadmap available for its OEM customers. Even better, its innovations may lead to new products ideas.

Jabil Manages Complexity, Maximizes Efficiency and Leverages Technology

Design Engineering is central to Jabil’s innovative culture. Because emerging technologies strategy is part of our core values, our dedicated sector-focused and global design teams understand technology convergence and trends. We spend time at shows, conferences, and seminars studying what’s on the market today and what’s going to be there tomorrow. We spend time asking questions like “How will the rapidly evolving Internet change the way people interact with each other, appliances, healthcare, and even automobiles?”

Jabil’s Materials Technology Team invests significant portions of its budget into R&D. Our more than 200 engineers and scientists constantly invent new methods for combining materials to provide unique solutions.

Because at its core, Jabil is a premier technology company, customers enjoy maximum efficiency. Our diverse capabilities across many different industries means we offer OEMs technology and manufacturing services, reducing OEM overhead and increasing efficiency (faster time to market). We’re more than a manufacturer; we’re a strategic technology partner.

“To meet customer’s increasing complexity (Moore’s Law), we have to continuously upgrade our technology. Customers expect continuous technology evolution without production delays. Therefore, we continuously prepare for our customers’ future requirements.” – Jeff Lumetta, Jabil’s Vice President of Design Engineering

Technology Key to Future Growth

Choosing a technology-driven EMS Company committed to what’s coming up is like wielding a secret weapon. Without hiring a single additional employee, OEMs seamlessly leverage EMS technology expertise to efficiently compete in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. If your current EMS provider doesn’t have an R&D program, robust future-looking reference platforms and a track record of staying ahead of technology trends, how do you plan to remain competitive in an increasingly complex world?

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