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Jabil’s Wuxi Facility Thinks Differently About EMS

Modular machines increase efficiencies that benefit Jabil’s customers

How can operations extend the useful life of a machine that is specialized for a specific customer’s unique needs? How can we optimize the number of operators required to run a process? How can Jabil pass on efficiencies to its customers? Jabil’s Wuxi Operations Manager, Choon Yien Low, and his team spend time answering these questions to the benefit of Jabil customers.

In the traditional Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) business, manufacturers have little control over growing costs or a product’s manufacturing lifespan. Machines are often customized to meet a customer’s specific needs. When a product is discontinued, its specialized manufacturing equipment is often left idle.

Jabil Wuxi thinks differently about the EMS business by modifying some of its production equipment. Flexibility results from Jabil’s own modular system design — operators rapidly transform existing machines for radically different uses. As a result, machines change with changing customer needs. For example, within minutes, a screw machine transforms into a pick and place machine, a soldering station, a riveting solution, a glue machine or even a vision system for identifying defects.

The modular machines rapidly gain favor among customers who acknowledge tremendous timesaving, flexibility, and in some cases, operator reductions.  With minimal investment, the modular machines even change orientation to meet changing set-up demands, including tabletop, side loading, conveyer, or stand alone configurations.

Choon Yien Low proudly describes the benefits of these new, flexible systems, emphasizing Jabil’s philosophy:

“Jabil invests in large-scale automation and flexible solutions so that we can replace repetitive jobs done by workers and provide competitive solutions to our customers .”


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