Managing Complexity in an Uncertain World

Jabil’s Supplier Conference coming in June

Imagine extending your company’s expertise, gaining access to global experts from incredibly diverse industries, and buffering your company from market fluctuations without hiring a single new employee.  Some of the largest and most respected brands in the world work with Jabil because Jabil understands that customers need partners who can make them more agile, efficient and better positioned to meet unexpected challenges. Jabil is inviting executives from many of it’s key suppliers to an immersive two-day event to deepen relationships that will ultimately benefit all Jabil customers.

Centered on sharing Jabil’s vision for collaborating more closely to streamline operations, Jabil’s Supplier event promises to strengthen relationships, educate vendors, and spark new ideas. With better understanding of Jabil, suppliers can stay ahead of requirements.

This year’s theme is “Managing complexity & Driving Competitiveness.” From June 18 until June 20, participants will engage in general assembly and Focus Forums on topics like Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER), business strategies and presentations by Jabil executives.

Designed for active participation, the Focus Forums are informal stations designed to engage participants around Healthcare, Power and Energy, Mechanical Supply Chain, Lean Six Sigma, and Advanced Planning and Logistics.

Erich Hoch, Jabil’s Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, emphasizes why the Jabil Supplier Conference is so important:

“Building executive relationships helps us better understand each other so we can proactively manage through crises like what happened in Japan.”

Jabil isn’t a traditional EMS company.  We thrive in high-mix, low-volume scenarios; make long-term investments in increasingly diversified manufacturing sectors, and establish operations in emerging markets. The 2012 Supplier Conference exemplifies Jabil’s commitment to managing complexity in an uncertain world.

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