Jabil Analyst Meeting May 3, 2012

Jabil Makes Case for a ‘New Definition’ at Analyst Meeting

This is the first in a series of articles highlighting the growth and innovation strategies shared at the recent Analyst meeting. Over the next several weeks, we’ll share insights into how Jabil is differentiating itself and why Jabil should not be considered a “traditional” EMS company.

At Jabil’s Analyst meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida last week, President and Chief Executive Officer Tim Main made the case that Jabil is not a traditional EMS company and hasn’t been for some time.

At the annual analyst meeting, lead by Beth Walters, Senior Vice President, Communications and Investor Relations, Main led off a half day of presentations by several long-tenured members of Jabil’s management team, including Chief Financial Officer Forbes Alexander. One of the focused topics was the unique services of Jabil’s non-traditional diversified manufacturing services

A recurring theme throughout the meeting centered around how Jabil thrives in the high mix and low volume space. Jabil manages the complexity of doing business in many different places at the same time through its engineering expertise and deep capabilities in diverse industries.

Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital, endorsed Jabil’s pitch:

“Jabil remains our favorite idea in the EMS space. We believe the company remains well positioned to grow double digits over the long term driven by the opportunity in the diversified and non-traditional markets.”

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