Jabil’s Lean Initiative Demonstrates Continuous Improvement Culture

Continuous improvement is an important part of Jabil’s culture. Lean Six Sigma is the driving force behind our continuous improvement endeavors, actively eliminating waste while increased speed and efficiency.  Although Lean has traditionally been applied in manufacturing scenarios, employees in every department throughout the company get involved.  In fact, the office provides tremendous opportunities for improvement.

Jabil’s Do Your 2 Program, which challenges every employee to do two things to support Jabil’s carbon and energy reduction goals, is a great example of how Lean is already being successfully applied in the office to improve our energy, carbon and waste reduction goals.

Gerard McCool, Director of Lean Six Sigma notes that many of these efforts also result in real savings. For example, disposable plastic cups have a negative impact on landfills; it takes many years for plastic cups to degrade. In Jabil’s Tiszaujvaros, Hungary facility, employees now use metal cups instead of plastic. Jabil Tiszaujvaros is both easing the impact on the environment and reducing cost for the company.

Operating 24 hours a day, the Jabil Green Point site in Penang focused on the facility’s lights to reduce energy reduction and realize cost savings. The Environmental Health and Safety departments, along with the Human Resources Department, replaced 500 existing fluorescent lights with LED light bulbs in both the office and manufacturing areas.  Four LED light bulbs use one amp per hour compared with one fluorescent light that uses four amps per hour, saving Jabil thousands of dollars a year.

“The theme is the same whether we are talking about turning off lights, printing double-sided, efficient processing of Purchase Orders or other transactional processes,” said McCool.  “We want our people to act like owners who find and eliminate the waste they see around them.”

With so many efforts demonstrating Jabil’s commitment to both continuous improvement and the environment underway, Jabil continues to reduce its carbon emissions and energy consumption. Employees working everywhere from the manufacturing floor to the office do their part.

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